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Panic Loves Company is a platform for the mind.

We do this by educating, supporting & empowering those with a Mental Illness.

We believe that our attitude towards Mental Illness could save someone's life

PANIC LOVES COMPANY is non-profit created to help people with Mental Health Illness.

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Faces of Mental Health

These are the FACES OF MENTAL. Just some of the millions of people that suffer from mental illness.
So babe why the stigma?

Why the “oh you don’t look like someone that has that” Mental illness doesn’t CARE about your age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, how many bloody followers you have. Rich? Poor? Sorry lover, Mental illness still couldn’t CARE LESS. We are looking for the many faces of mental and are going to be showcasing these faces across our socials. If you would like to take part...

Just snap your beautiful self in any way you want!
DM @paniclovescompany & share your #faceofmental