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PANIC LOVES COMPANY Is a platform for being 'MENTAL' We are here to save the mind

We do this by educating, supporting & empowering those with a Mental Illness.

We believe that our attitude towards Mental Illness could save someone's life

PANIC LOVES COMPANY is non-profit excitedly waiting to turn into a registered charity. Created to help people with Mental Health Illness. Call 0300 1022011 to talk to someone.

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Team Panic



Autism, OCD, Panic Disorder, ADHD, PTSD

PANIC LOVES COMPANY was born out of my own panic. I have suffered from Mental illness my whole life. Years of battling my own mind led me to challenge views around mental health, positivity and mindset.

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The definition of the word MENTAL is anything relating to the mind. The word MENTAL carries a stigma, fear and bullshit myths. Everyone needs a different approach to living with mental illness. This is mine. Your attitude towards mental health could change someone’s life.


Community Manager

Postnatal Depression, Anxiety

Georgiee is the comunity manager at PANIC LOVES COMPANY. A mum to two girls, Georgiee has suffered with postnatal depression and anxiety and is a keen advocate of Mental Health and wants to help change the stigma the comes with it.

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With a background in design and marketing Georgiee has worked with a variety of brands and charities and is passionate about the ethos behind PANIC LOVES COMPANY and the no bullshit approach to mental health.


Community Events

Postnatal Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

Teresa is a mother of two, Isabella and DJ the dog. She has suffered with postnatal depression, anxiety and PTSD and wants to help others recognise where they can get help without stigma. 

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Teresa will support in co-ordinating events for PLC and PTM.


Author, Grief Ambassador and Mental Health Motivational Speaker

Grief, Bereavement, Diversity

Mark is husband to Simone and father to Otis and Thea, whilst also being an award-winning children’s author, Top 10 iTunes podcaster, grief ambassador for children’s bereavement charity Winston’s Wish, and mental health and motivational speaker.

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Mark created and independently published his children’s books to cover controversial topics, including diversity of children's book characters and supporting children with their grief and mental health.




Lou is an illustrator, designer and lover of music, based in Essex with her husband and two children. She wants to help sufferers of mental health through non-judgemental listening.

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She wants to help change the way people think about OCD. The misconception is that it's a quirky trait, it's something to laugh about, “I’m so OCD” is said everywhere. This misconception trivialises OCD and stops people from getting the right diagnosis and treatment. Having suffered from anxiety and depression since childhood and trying all sorts of therapy, she found nothing really helped much. Diagnosed with OCD after the birth of her first child after experiencing distressing and intrusive thoughts the shame and fear was immense. The road to recovery has been long, but with the right treatment, she's able to see that it’s possible to live a full life. She believes that with the right tools and support people can build resilience and have the power to overcome anything and change not only their own lives but those around them and the environment they live in. Always work in progress.


The Original Party Girl AKA Wild Child, Wife, Mother and Reformed Addict

Anorexia, Bulimia, Drug, Alcohol Abuse

Fleur is an inspiration to others and her journey is her motivation. She is passionate about re-educating others on the importance of Mental Health through her own personal experience.

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She is not a medical professional, but she has been the patient, living life to every excess in the face of anxiety and depression. Fleur has been on an epic journey to get where she is today and she is ready to help others and support them.

Fleur believes that her experience of realities with mental health can help deal with the stigma of asking for help and prove that anything is possible to manage, treat and overcome if we just believe it.


Therapist and Coach

Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Trauma

Jennie is a Therapist and Coach trained in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and is a trauma survivor. She helps people work through the things holding them back, so they can make a change and live the badass life they deserve.

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She has experienced the high pressure of climbing the career ladder in the PR industry until she started to experience anxiety and panic attacks. “I wanted to get as far away from my thoughts and feelings as possible. I wasn’t sure what I needed to do, but I knew I needed to do something.” And that's when Jennie found therapy and learned how to change her life. It wasn't long before she quit her job and retrained to help others. Jennie believes therapy should be a safe, non-judgmental space where people feel heard and understood. Lots of people think therapists are experts with all the answers, but actually, you are the expert of you. Therapy should be collaborative, like a team.


Personal Trainer

Self-Esteem, OCD, Anxiety

Jess is a personal trainer whose clients are often training with her to help their mental health and self-esteem. She wants to create somewhere for people to train to reach their physical fitness goals and their mental wellness goals together. She hated exercise and would dread sports day at school, it would make her anxious and embarrassed.

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At 13 she started to suffer from anxiety and OCD due to losing loved ones. It took over her life, she tried tablets, counsellors, hypnotherapy and nothing really helped until she decided to get a personal trainer. She started to train once a week and realised how much it seemed to mute her anxiety and OCD. This then triggered her to take a course to become a personal trainer, she couldn't think of a better job than one that helped her (and others) mentally. She still struggles with anxiety and OCD, but exercising helps her manage it and by opening up to her clients it allows them to feel comfortable and be more open with her. Jess believes it is important to be open about mental health and understands exercise isn’t the answer for everyone but knows that it is the answer for some and if she can help them that's what she wants to do. She wants to make mental health normal and for people to know it’s ok to have good days, bad days, lazy days or energetic days and we just need to be kinder to ourselves and others.


Boundary Coach

Setting Boundaries, Panic Disorder, Depression

Annamaria is a boundary coach helping women to set healthy and kind boundaries in order to reduce stress and improve their lives. Having had her fair share of panic disorder, depression and an autoimmune condition she has huge knowledge about struggle, anxiety and feeling stressed.

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Annamaria believes it is essential we take care of our mental wellbeing and ask for help when needed. Sometimes it seems overwhelming and we can be so lost that hope might be hard to maintain, but we are never alone.

Faces of Mental Health

These are the FACES OF MENTAL. Just some of the millions of people that suffer from mental illness.
So babe why the stigma?

Why the “oh you don’t look like someone that has that” Mental illness doesn’t CARE about your age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, how many bloody followers you have. Rich? Poor? Sorry lover, Mental illness still couldn’t CARE LESS. We are looking for the many faces of mental and are going to be showcasing these faces across our socials. If you would like to take part...

Just snap your beautiful self in any way you want!
DM @paniclovescompany & share your #faceofmental