Panic The MotherPTM


I couldn't imagine a life without you by my side. Your quirky traits keep me very distracted, I mean why finish one thing at a time? Who needs an efficient memory? Well me actually, this kinda fucks me off, you know I have a lot going on. Forgetting things can be incredibly frustrating, you only told me two seconds ago and now I'm standing in a room not remembering why. Can I have my keys back please? Oh I'm holding them... why didn't you alert me to this 10 minutes ago.You talk incredibly fast, I see the looks on people's faces as they try to get a word in, why do you interrupt? It's so rude of you. I'm trying to listen, promise. I touch myself more than the average babe and sadly not for pleasure, just leave my hair alone please for the love of god!!! AHH!!! Aren't chairs for sitting on? Thought so... so why can't I stay still in one? What were you saying? Sorry I got distracted by something not as important as you. I wonder if you like ignoring my continuing demands to maintain eye contact? You know it's not cool to be looking around when someone is talking to you. You have got me in so much trouble, why so impulsive?

Ok I'll be positive you have some pretty ace traits, I almost feel like I have an unfair advantage some days. I wonder if my creativity would be so strong without you. I haven't medicated you because of this fear. Is this cheating? That spring you put in my step is much appreciated, I'm thankful for the speed you give me. I almost feel bad on people who can't work as fast as me. Then there's the 24/7 buzzing mind, you come up with some insane ideas and I absolutely love it. Would I be writing this now without you?

You don't appear to have the same effect on my son, he's always in trouble at school, he can't sit still, finish a task or listen without interrupting. He's memory is shocking for a young lad, and if he shouts out one more time that will be the 9th billion detention. ADHD within the school system is such a shit storm. Absolute awful, very misunderstood and incredibly frustrating for a parent and child. I get teaching a child with ADHD must be incredibly challenging but why do you have to label my son as "naughty" this is really not helping his confidence or self-esteem. Did you know there are lots of techniques you can use to keep my child focused and behaving appropriately? I use them everyday. As a full-grown badass women I struggle to maintain focus, it takes everything in me to not leave my desk or move onto another thing. But you think children with ADHD should just be able to manage this in the class room? Getting my son through nursery, pre school, primary and now senior school has been one thing after the other. A new day brought another phone call all with the same issues. He's distracting others, calling out, can't focus or sit still. He's acting "silly" (hyperactivity) always calling out. On and on, day after day, as a child ADHD can be very crippling, the impulsiveness that comes with ADHD is always a concern to me as he's mother. I hate that I feel I'm getting him through the school years rather than him enjoying this time like he should be.

Unfair advantage, not for my son. As an adult? Yes some days.