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Trolling has become soft, a powerless word to describe what is really abusive and bullying. We hear every day of someone getting trolled or getting hate online. It’s become ok and we have accepted this as normal, acceptable behaviour with zero consequences. When shit hits the fan we all get fired up. When we wake to news of yet another suicide voices join together to declare ‘oh my god I’m so shocked" they seemed fine, I can’t believe it, this is so wrong. Things must change, there must be consequences to this, it’s not ok…’ and many other powerful words that burn out within a matter of weeks. As the fire burns out, so do the voices, the 'be kind' becomes ashes.

My personal experience with this, I have been on the receiving end of this publicly. My reaction to this appeared to cause some issues. I was greeted by some abuse on my instagram page. This soon escalated after friends of the bully joined in. This girl wanted a reaction from me. Many say staying silent is a response. No babe, it’s just that silence is considered easier than calling out this shit. I posted the comments onto my insta stories and didn’t blur out the image or name of the girls that were doing this. I was met with some opinions of how that’s not ok, even some manipulative ones using my mental health as a reason to be silent. I was asked to take the stories down. I didn’t, I left them up for the full 24 hours and let it burn.

I have seen countless people sharing their online abuse and blurring out the abusers identity. Why? Why are we protecting them? Why if they choose to go on a public platform and abuse someone should they be protected? There is some grey matter with this, I feel it myself, the what ifs, wondering is that person in a bad way to leave comments like that. Am I best to stay quiet and shrink my own mental health to protect there’s. Then there’s the 'debate' of freedom of speech. This is fucked. Wise babes debate with the view of educating, not abusing someone. There is a big differences between being heard and being abusive and a bully.

This is not just a problem saved for celebrities, this happens to a wide range of people including school children. School children are taking their own life due to the abuse they endure online. Abuse should not be a part of high school and we shouldn’t just have to hope our kids mangage to make it out the other side. This is effecting everyone, every race, religion, gender, sexuality and age.

Abuse can cause victims to fall into a hole of shame, self-doubt, anxiety and depression along with so many more mental health problems. The victims take on the abuse and carry this around with them. We put celebrities on a pedestal, we create this vision of who they are. We are then shocked, disappointed, even angry when they act out of the box we put them in. Online forums that promote this, often run by women, have thread after thread of people abusing celebrities, tearing them to shreds like crazy ass tigers. They’re asking for it? If they put x, y or z images out there then they should expect that as part of the job... Abuse shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s job.

The press encourage this by having comment sections for abusers to freely, with zero consequences, leave abuse whilst rallying other people to join in. They publish pictures of celebrities as click bate for this type of bullshit. There’s no such thing as bad press? Sack your PR babe. It appears that bad press is nothing more than celebrities just acting human, something that many can’t seem to get to grips with. Comments such as, 'oh babe they’re just jealous, ignore them, haters are going to hate…' just feed into the belief that this behaviour is not only ok, but should be tolerated.

The power of words is something clearly very misunderstood. Other people’s words can very easily become our thoughts, our thoughts then become our reality. A reality that no one should have to tolerate. Some don’t tolerate it, they end their life instead of enduring the pain that comes with the abuse.

So why are there no laws in place? Do you think that people would freely abuse others if they knew that there where laws to stop them? If they knew they would be called out for it in public? Or how about if these forums where finally shut down? What if the press where held accountable to the bullshit they write, the images they use and the comments they encourage? I no longer want to tolerate a world that this is allowed. I want not only all comment sections of online press banned but every forum that holds a space for this to be shut down and made illegal. While instagram and other socail platforms are trying to get control of this it still isnt enough. Online abuse should be made illegal. End off babe.

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