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Morning Babe

Morning Babe, think it's time we had a chat about how tired you are.

You're so tired? Like so so tired? Those beautiful but slightly annoying kids of yours just don't sleep, work is draining you, you have no energy and wish you were a cat?

Naps, I loved a nap. I'd say I was queen of naps and princess of moaning I was tired. Walking around saying to myself I'm so tired! OH I'm so so tired! My Mental Health illnesses can be incredibly draining on my mind and body, I have B12 injections (biggest symptom is severe fatigue), and i'm blessed with crippling Endometriosis. I'm also a Mother to three bouncy hyper super cute sons. Babe wanna hear how much of a shit storm our mornings were? I'd get up as late as possible, wake up my three bears, who would demand, moan and scream for random things. Argue.. ahh the morning sibling arguments, we loved a morning argument mostly over socks, breakfast and me demanding them to get the fuck ready for school. Then there was me, trying to get dressed, thinking or doing anything was a nightmare. My other excuse was time... I don't have enough time blah blah boring as FUCK!


Id heard rumours of the benefits of getting up early, being so organised that when you wake your kids up you have nothing to do but parent them. In fairness to my sons they are actually a lot better behaved when they have some guidance from me. Think it's called parental responsibility, I know hun I was shocked too. Now I'm sure you have a ton of excuses of how you just couldn't do this, not a morning person babe? I cracked on with this and found results pretty pronto, not tiny results big results that changed the dynamics of how my mornings had been for years. This wasn't easy, habits are hard to break, id wake up to my alarm jump out of bed and be slapping my face to wake up. I felt so tired and wasn't productive just sleepy. Consistency paid off and I felt my mindset take a huge shift, I felt more successful just from achieving this. I was able to be the boss in morning and it felt fucking good.

cool benefits of five am

  • Productive. Before you babes have even woken I've already done my meditation, banged out some squats, thrown on some fluff, smashed through my to do list and wrote this content.
  • I have more energy during the day.This is the finest benefit to me.
  • I'm a better parent, our mornings are not as bad this is down to the fact I'm more present and not running around trying to get myself sorted.
  • More work hours, something I need when I'm starting a brand that is completely dependent on me.
  • Time, turns out I had more than I thought.
  • Mindset, this gave me the confidence to believe in my ability to make changes and be accountable for how I live my life.
  • Reduced stress levels, not rushing around in the mornings has calmed me down. Waking up without a child demanding something brings me much pleasure.
  • Better sleep quality, I make the effort for good sleep now. I was working very late and getting up very early but I've been balancing this out and feel much better for it.
  • Viewing the world sunny side up, My days tend to start in a positive way now and this gives me a fighting chance to carry this through my day.
  • Seeing the sunrise is bloody beautiful, this gives me gratitude for the day, something I was lacking.

Read this

  • Deciding an hour when you want to wake depends on your current situation, my sons are 12, 10 and 7 so this does make it more achievable.
  • Getting up at 5am is challenging if you are working shifts or you're a party babe that's rocking up home at 5am.
  • If your kids are having you up at an hour you would rather not see id suggest trying to shift your mindset to how you view this. Theres a big difference between being made to get up and wanting too.
  • Start with 30 minutes earlier, see how you feel.
  • Mama please don't attempt this if your up with your new-born baby. Take all the naps, become the cat.