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This is not an ad

Imagine this, you walked in to your place of work and Sally says "wow Julie I love that dress you're wearing" Julie replies "oh it's not gifted" Sally is baffled, so am I babe.

Did you know Instagram can become a job. A real grown ass job, involving a shit ton of hard work. Only one part of your job description too, most big Instagram names have a lot else going on from being badass mothers, authors, bloggers, I could go on. You know this generation of savvy social media? This is our future, if you don't dive in you will be missing out on all the opportunities and possibilities from leveraging this platform. It's available to anyone and its free #GIFTED. Every time I see some of my favourite mega babes saying this is not an ad or not gifted, even worse I just felt I should say I didn't get paid for this and my opinions are my own. A little bit of magic falls right out of me landing broken-hearted on the floor.

Maybe you're forgetting some of the honey's that you choose to follow (choose being the key word) have made change for the good? Feeling better in your swimwear babe? Thank Clemmie aka Mothers Of Daughters for that while you cosy up with one of her two books. Loving all your wobbly bits, stretch marks and cellulite? Ahh go thank Natalie aka Style Me Sunday. Babe noticing a movement in flexible working hours? Having the courage to approach your work place and ask for change? Congratulations I bet you feel lucky you follow Anna aka Mother Pukka. Just a few of the many women that are currently using their voice to help us, motivate us (ok that's me) and create change. Did you know how much courage it takes to put yourself out there? You may think they make it look breezy but putting your views out into a world that loves to get all judgmental is a brave move.

For research I went all detective on some of these forums that like to bash the shit out of women which is an irony because its other women that are doing the bashing *crying*

Heres my findings

Don't bother going on these forums, I spent some time exploring some with titles like "Fed Up With Insta Mums" Mainly moaning and being nasty. Common complaint is I can't relate to their life because they have 100k salaries. Ahh assumptions. Negative people try to keep everyone at the same level as themselves so they don't feel bad about how their life is. They make statements such as "its unfair". Yes some people achieve more things than others but this has little to do with whats fair and a lot to do with who's taking action, being consistent and putting the effort in. Anyone can achieve their own version of greatness, we all have it inside but only some use it. Go on Net A Porter instead babe. You may not be able to afford anything but you can browse without feeling dirty and confused.

I get it, you're at home making a cheese sandwich, your scrolling through Instagram and see hashtag #GIFTED. You want that dress, it's not fair that she gets free shit, I want free shit, I could never afford that dress, or worse you lie to yourself saying oh I wouldn't take free shit. You don't tend to think ahh what a clever boss babe she is, she's created a platform based on her views and values, showcased her many talents and helped so many other women feel less alone. Get her free shit pronto. The rules are simple, if something is gifted or an advert you will be told. If not then you won't. Yet as I watch Instagram stories or scroll through my feed its now filled with women saying this is not gifted, this is not an advert. Why are these women feeling the need to do this? This is not women empowerment this is the opinions of others and sadly the abuse some get makes them feel the need to say when something is not gifted or an advertisement. This makes me feel sad, there is no need for this. The rules are so clear. Women feeling the need to justify or explain them self is not a positive thing. Shouldn't we be supporting each other? Celebrating the wins of others? Jealousy? Is that what it comes down to? Are we a world of jealous babes secretly wanting other women to fall flat on their face?  Jealousy is a word I don't like although it's an emotion I acknowledge. At the end of the day we have in our lives what we choose to allow in our lives, only excuses would debate this. It's not cool that women are feeling the need to do this.

Lovers if you're feeling this pressure to state when something is not paid for or gifted then try using this hashtag instead